International Business Etiquette

“To have respect for ourselves guides our morals; and to have a deference for others governs our manners.” Lawrence Sterne, Irish novelist & satirist (1713 – 1768)Etiquette, or good manners, is an important part of our day to day lives. Whether we realise it or not we are always subconsciously adhering to rules of etiquette. Much of the time these are unwritten; for example giving up your seat to a lady or elderly person, queuing for a bus in an orderly fashion according to who arrived first or simply saying “please” or “thank you”. All are examples of etiquette; complex unwritten rules that reflect a culture’s values.Etiquette accomplishes many tasks. However, the one noteworthy function that etiquette does perform is that it shows respect and deference to another. By doing so it maintains good interpersonal relationships. Ultimately, it could be argued, etiquette is about making sure that when people mix together there are rules of interaction in place that ensure their communication, transaction or whatever it may be goes smoothly.We all now how we or others feel when a lack of etiquette is shown. If someone jumps the queue, does not thank you for holding the door open for them or forgets to shake your hand, we naturally feel disrespected and perturbed.International Business EtiquetteKeeping the above points in mind, now consider the complexities of working on the international stage. Modern business is global and demands people travel to foreign countries and mix with foreign clients, colleagues or customers. Each one of those cultures will also have their own etiquette rules, many of them unwritten. When two or more different cultures mix, it is easy for small etiquette mistakes to be made that could have negative consequences. Just as you may have felt annoyed when a foreign businessman did not shake your hands upon greeting you, imagine how your Chinese client must have felt when you wrote on his business card or your Indian colleague reacted when you flatly rejected an offer of a meal. Sometimes, not understanding the etiquette of another culture means you show a lack of manners and as Lawrence Sterne said, a lack of deference. This can and does lead to soured relationships, lost deals and in the end poor business results. Anyone working on the international stage needs to understand international business etiquette.International business etiquette manifests in many shapes and sizes. Throughout the world people from different cultures have varying etiquette rules around areas such as personal space, communication, gift giving, food, business meetings and much more. For those wanting to make a good impression and understanding of international business etiquette is crucial. By way of introducing some of the key areas within international business etiquette we shall look at the following common areas…Business Card Etiquette:When you exchange business cards (even if you exchange them) do you simply pass it over and forget about it? In many countries the business card has certain etiquette rules. For example in the Arab world you would never give or receive a business card with your left hand. In China and Japan you should try and use both hands to give and receive. In addition it is always good etiquette to examine the card and make a positive comment on it. Whereas in the UK it may be OK to sling the business card into a pocket, in many countries you should always treat it with much more respect such as storing it in a business card holder.The Etiquette of Personal Space:How close do you stand to people? Is it impolite to touch somebody? What about gender differences? In the Middle East you may get very touchy-feely with the men, yet one should never touch a woman. A slap on the back may be OK in Mexico but in China it is a serious no-no. Touch someone on the head in Thailand or Indonesia and you would have caused great insult. Without an appreciation of international business etiquette, these things would never be known.The Etiquette of Gift Giving:Many countries such as China and Japan have many etiquette rules surrounding the exchange of business gifts. International business etiquette allows you an insight into what to buy, how to give a gift, how to receive, whether to open in front of the giver and what gifts not to buy. Great examples of gifts to avoid are anything alcoholic in Muslim countries, anything with four of anything in Japan and clocks in China.The Etiquette of Communication:Some cultures like to talk loudly (US and Germany), some softly (India and China); some speak directly (Holland and Denmark) others indirectly (UK and Japan); some tolerate interrupting others while speaking (Brazil) others not (Canada); some are very blunt (Greece) and some very flowery (Middle East). All will believe the way they are communicating is fine, but when transferred into an international context this no longer applies. Without the right international business etiquette it is easy to offend.By way of conclusion we can state that etiquette helps maintain good relations with people. When dealing with people from a shared culture, everyone knows the rules and there is not much to think about. Those that lack etiquette are branded as uncouth and rude. However, this is not the same when working on the international stage. Someone may very well come across as being rude through a lack of etiquette but this may be because in their culture that behaviour is normal. As a result international business etiquette is a key skill for those wanting to be successful when working abroad. Through a great appreciation and understanding of others’ cultures you build stronger and longer lasting business relationships.

The Quick Guide to Using Social Bookmarking to Promote Your Website

Social bookmarking is probably the most powerful new tool to become available to affiliate marketers since social networking itself. The basic premise of this kind of bookmarking service, such as Stumble Upon and Reddit, is to share the best links on the internet within a community – basically a social network to share internet content. The most popular website page links are ‘Dugg’ on Digg-It’,'Stumbled Upon’ on Stumble Upon and so on until they reach the top of their respective rankings – those most highly rated sites in turn receive the more traffic from the homepage. Some of the social bookmarking communities now have millions of users and therefore offer a brilliant source of both traffic and backlinks for affiliate websites and blogs. In this way therefore, even the smallest personal blogs can pull in hundreds of visitors in a day if they are picked up by the social bookmarkers to reach the top pages- if you can tap into this remarkable source of viral traffic on a regular basis you can clearly pull in a lot of visitors and make a lot of affiliate sales as a result. This article describes how best to use social bookmarking to maximise your traffic and see your marketing go viral – if you can get it right it can be hugely lucrative.Starting in Social BookmarkingThe best place to begin is to sign up to some of the top social bookmarking websites. These include Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg-It as already mentioned and I also use Delicious – all these have huge numbers of regular users so should offer viable potential customers for most affiliate niches. It is however a good idea to check the articles already in your niche – this allows to check for a potential audience and also to see which other articles have been highly rated themselves. If you can replicate the best qualities of these articles or blog posts you give yourself a good chance of having similar success.Be UniqueHowever don’t just copy the content of other people – you need to write high quality, relevant and interesting articles if you ever want to get close to the top of the social bookmark portals. This means that avoiding writing sales copy and spamming, and really providing your reader with unique, useful insider information and advice, will benefit you hugely in the long run. Just with article marketing, I recommend spending a few extra minutes, or maybe hours, creating the incredible content with the ability to go viral online. These kinds of articles will also be republished if you post to article directories like Ezine articles so there is even more backlink benefit – content is now king online and the days of writing solely for backlink quantity are over. Nowadays we are all writing for bookmark quality instead!Outsourcing your WritingIf you cannot manage do this yourself then it may be worth outsourcing your article writing to an online service – the only problem with this is that to create the content to be bookmarked you will probably have to pay a lot of money. I preferred to learn from experience myself, and eventually I reached the stage where I was seeing a lot of hits from the social bookmarking sites, especially Stumble Upon, every month without fail.Innovate to Create Interesting Page ContentYou can also use other kinds of pages to see high rankings as well though. For instance I start quizzes and competition which create a buzz and frequently get bookmarked. If the webpage is interactive and people spend a lot of time there then the bookmark potential increases.Giving your Links a Push in the Right DirectionAs with everything else in affiliate marketing, amazing content will only get so far on its own however; fortunately though you can give your pages a helping hand up the bookmarking rankings. The first tip to achieve this is to put the different bookmarking icons alongside your articles – encourage your readers to bookmark these as much as possible so you don’t miss out on any possible bookmarks.Secondly you should create your own account and use the social bookmarks yourself. The real users do not appreciate website owners simply posting links to their own sites so get involved in the communities and you will see the benefit if you really get involved. You may have to sacrifice a few hours linking to others but they will appreciate this and at least check out your pages, if not actually bookmark them. You can also then add other related sites to your own bookmarks so when people look at these your site is instantly related in the background.Thirdly, write detailed and enticing introductions to your own article content and hopefully the quality of your content will then do the work for you. Really promote your articles as soon as they go live and the best way to do this is to post on Twitter – this can drive instant traffic and hence the instant bookmarks to see you whizz up the rankings. I won’t go into any more detail about Twitter but I will say that I believe it is an integral part of a strategy aiming at social bookmarking success. Also tell your friends so they can instantly bookmark your content and give the impression of a swarm of adoring fans jumping on your every move!And finally…To conclude I’d like to emphasise that the benefits of social bookmarking are often staggering and the industry is still growing rapidly. Learn from both your mistakes and successes and eventually you will learn how to write the perfect kind of article. Even then some of these articles will fail (due to timing, content etc.) but overall you will see a helpful influx of visitors coming to your site day in day out.

How To Build an Empire With Blogs

This is what I hear a lot of; how Do I Blog? When you first start out creating a blog, it’s hard to imagine that it can become an Empire. Most of us have these dreams of running an Empire blog, but with so many obstacles to go through, over and under and around. One would believe that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Dreams keep us alive and keep us going and striving for what we want. A strong desire to achieve and a hatred for failure keeps us piercing forward to grab trophy reward.Running a blog can be a satisfying experience especially if it’s a blog that teaches. But before we can go about teaching we need to figure out just how to build it and what platform were going to be on. Let’s look at a few things that we need to discuss in order to build our Empire blog.Domain Registration
Most people would like to have a blog that has a dot com name rather than the name of the actual provider i.e., WordPress, Blog, etc. This is where domain name registration comes in at, you simply register a domain for about $12 bucks a year and reroute (DNS) that domain name to your hosting company. For those that don’t know what (DNS) is; Domain Name System is the way the distributed naming system for computers and services. It translates IP Addresses with domain names.Website Hosting
You can actually run a blog from an entirely free service and never have to worry about hosting your blog. However, it’s a sense of professionalism and trust in blogs that are hosted with their own dot com name and running from an independently hosted servicer. I would recommend getting a hosting company to host your blog, one that is friendly for your blogging platform. If this is not your area of expertise, there are video tutorials that will help you through the process step-by-step.Free Platforms Like WordPress
Again I can see you asking; how do I blog? Well, there are a few free blogging platforms on the Internet like blogger, Tumblr, blog, Jux, WordPress, Posterous Spaces and Weebly. Some are better than others and to pick one is usually a matter of your personal preference. However, I’ve used a couple of them and would most definitely recommend WordPress because of its versatility and functionality. There are a few sites that are offering video tutorials that tells you everything you need to know about WordPress from set up, themes, plug-ins, affiliate marketing and much, so I wouldn’t worry to much about knowing what to do here.Use Headlines Effectively
Imagine writing the best article you ever wrote in your life, only to have absolutely no one read it. Most of us never really think that the title is that important. We usually relate the title to something that has to do with the article and by far, that is the way to go. However, you need to make it compelling enough for your reader so that they will actually click on it to engage in your article. Before you formulate your headline, do a keyword search to find out how many competing websites are targeting those keywords; you can use phrase like “How Do I Blog?” Try to look for fewer websites that are actually targeted your phrase. If you have 900 million websites targeting a particular keyword or phrase, it’s extremely hard if not impossible, being new at blogging that you’re actually going to move up to the top of any search engine.Have a Great Blog Design
When you first design your website, try to make an appealing website because you want people to not only read your content but indulge in the appearance of your website as well. I’ve been to some websites that look horrible and it doesn’t take me long to move on to another website. Most websites that are disgusting in appearance only holes a person’s interest for three seconds or so. Not a lot of time to read any content so you get the drift at this point don’t you?Leverage Social Media
Social media is a very big deal these days, just look at the young kids walking around with their cell phones crossing the street looking down and never look up. Most of them are texting or chatting on Facebook or some other social network media. When you start targeting Facebook and other social network media such as Pin, Tweeter, LinkedIn and others. Try not to just overwhelm them with all sorts of marketing. Remember, most of these people are your friends and family and they going to simply ignore your post. A post here and there of interest will get them moving along the way, and it will also get them to like your website and start promoting it on their wall.Identify Your Niche
Discover what your interest are and what you would enjoy writing about. This is nothing worse than having to write about something you can’t stand. If you choose a topic that you don’t enjoy, you’re not going to write very much, and as a matter of fact, you’re going to fizzle out in about three months. A blog is nothing more than a diary and needs continuous updates. For some of us, we were little kids and we had a little diary that every day we would write something in it. Well, your blog is nothing more than just that. Except for, you can choose to write things in it every day or every week but whatever schedule you put yourself on, make sure it’s consistent.Keyword Research
Now that you found your passion it’s time for you to do some Keyword Research. There’s really no point in writing without targeting keywords that people are not searching on. Use a search engine like Google and target a particular word. Google has a keyword tool that you can use to target particular words or phrases. These will tell you just how many people are searching on those keywords. From there, you need to determine how many websites actually have those keywords. It’s not very hard to do from this point all you need to do is put your keyword or phrase in quotes and that will tell you just how many websites actually have those keywords. Find keywords that average around 50,000 searches per month which is a little over 1600 searches a day on that particular keyword. If you only get 10% traffic to your website, that’s 166 potential customers per day; that’s a great start.Link Building
No links, no visibility. It’s great to write good content and wish that everyone will just find it. But the truth is, you must have authority websites link to your site in order for your reading to find you. The way to go about doing this is to find yourself some good article directories and start writing to become an expert in your niche. You can also use other blog sites that do not restrict the links and link back to your own website or article. To find yourself high ranking article websites just type in Google “high ranking article directories” and it should come back with a list of the top 50 article directories. This will give you a good starter as you sort your order by page ranking so that you know which ones rank at the top. Pick yourself a good starting point like let’s say, five ranking. Anybody under five you will just ignore and use any authority website that has a ranking of five or above.Blog Comment
This may not seem like a big deal but blog comments go a long way to link back to your website. If you align yourself with a good high ranking blog that permits you to enter your signature as a blog link back to your site, then you’re in business. As you become more of an expert on that blog, people will start to follow those links right back to your site. Not only that, the search engines will also follow those links and you will get a higher ranking on the search engines. So every chance you get try to increase your blog comments.List Building
A Weber seems to be the big honcho an email responding services. I believe they cost around $19 a month or something along those lines. However, an email list is extremely crucial to your blog. There’s nothing better than having an email list of subscribers that are interested in exactly what you have to offer. Once you become an authority in your area, your subscribers are interested in what you have to say and the offers you make to them. Now, don’t always put out something that cost them money you have to give them good free stuff as well. The problem here is setting up an auto responder that has substance. Again, you can’t just spew all out junk, you generally have to offer something of value, like let’s say a free e-book or some educational information that has to do with your blog.Ping
Pinging Servers actually promote your blog; they create list of a variety of blogs that have new material. Blog search engines can provide fresh results very quickly by polling only the newly-updated blogs. WordPress actually comes with a ping service as a default. However, there are tons more that you can actually load to your WordPress blog and have it ping every time your blog has been updated.Social Bookmark Links
Social bookmarks are great services that offer bookmark sharing. The service is merely save the bookmark and share that as a resource. There are some services that allow for treating of bookmarks and this helps to get the word out.AdSense and ClickBank Ads
Although when you first start your blog it’s usually not a good idea to plaster a ton of advertisements all around it. Most readers get sick and tired of a tone of advertisements anyway. However, you may want to at least look into Google AdSense as a way of getting paid for allowing advertisements on your website when your traffic starts to grow to maybe 5000 users a day. Now, click bank is something that you could use in your current articles. So when you first start up and write an article about something; let’s say, electronics. You may want to pick a particular electronic and then link to your affiliate link which goes to ClickBank so that when your reader clicks on that to get more information and they purchase a product you received some type of commission.Learn About Marketing
Anyone can put up a blog, but not everyone knows how to market it. This is key and this is the truth, you need to learn how to market your blog. There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of phrases you hear on the Internet about search engine optimization, keyword marketing, article marketing, lead generation and much more. All of these terms are pertinent to the growth of your blog and you need to know something about them. Granted, a lot of these things can be extremely overwhelming but you should have a fairly decent grasp on each of them. Especially if you’re going to be running the blog by yourself.Fix Broken Pages
Go through each and every one of your pages to check for broken links. Broken links can definitely send a bad signal to the search engines and that would be catastrophic. What you can do is look at your web hosting reports. These reports have pages that people have visited, search engine keywords used, linked pages and also your error reporting; broken links. This would be a great place to start because sometimes, you can miss links easily. If you find that there is a page or something that is not working correctly you can always put in a refresh page to send them to a root directory or somewhere else that’s not broken.Spam
Don’t forget about protecting your blog. Although we’d love to think that everybody on the Internet is about business and finding good content and enjoying your website. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and there are some serious head cases out there. When we generally create our blog we concentrate so much on the look of it and its content along with the marketing, which we sometimes forget that spammers are out there looking to post hideous links. Make sure you have a reputable spam filter that will catch most of the reply Post that are inappropriate for your blog.In my first week that my blog was up and running, someone already tried to spam my website with a link that went to an inappropriate site. The comment was something like, this is a very nice website with a link to their inappropriate site. The best way to defeat this is to not permit replies to be automatically posted so that you can check out the post for appropriateness before approving.Blacklist
Blacklist are another useful tool to help control bad words in your replies. This is another area we need to perk up on and learn all about the word you do not want on your blog. There are several services that already use an array of blacklist terms and variations of foul words. You can get them from places like Google and Facebook along with a number of other large organizations that deal with this type of stuff on a regular basis. It would be a good idea to learn from their experience.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


Learn How to Attain a Top Quality Health Care Education With an Online Health Care Degree

There are a wide array of online health care degree programs available to the student these days. Health care facility or nursing home administration, various nursing degrees, as well as physician assistance, Nurse practitioner, even nurses aid, pharmacy technician, or health educator degrees are available.For those who wish to pursue an education in health care of any variety you can typically find an online health care degree program that will suit your requirements for distance learning. Colleges with very prestigious names these days are offering online learning experiences in a wide variety of health disciplines to the student.Advantages of Studying from HomeIn many cases, and particularly when you are already in the workforce, traditional classrooms are harder to attend. When there are additional obligations such as home and family, very often the adult student has no alternative for career advancement or added education since finding time for the classes isn’t always easy to accomplish.Getting an online health care degree of any kind can advance your career.The RN to BSN online health care degree for example offers advanced education and training to the technical RN in order to better prepare her for a position in public health nursing, in corporate nursing, or even as an assistant or director of Nursing in a health care facility. The addition of education and a more advanced degree opens new doors that would not have been possible for the RN just a few years ago due to time constraints.Conformity of StandardsThe level of education is typically no different than that which would be given in a classroom situation. Your materials and the areas in which you are tested are similar and the laws of your state determine the content and skills that you must master. The disciplines that each student must learn are determined by your universities accrediting body as well as the prerequisites of the state in which you will practice.While some students have concerns about the kinds of materials they will study and the methods which are used to present the lectures and other materials, there are some wide choices out there in the online university world. Choose the kind of lecture and other materials that you are most comfortable with and from which you take away the greatest amount of knowledge.Online studies differ widely, depending on where you attend your online health care degree programs Some will offer lectures in downloadable media format, while others will give text only lectures. Select your degree program from those which offer you the best program for your purposes. Make sure that your online health care degree comes from an accredited university and that you are eligible to take your appropriate state board exams.

How to Choose Best Private Health Care

Private health care is important since it gives you the assurance that you will get the attention and treatment that you need in case of an emergency or medical situation. It is what most people prefer since it is convenient and efficient. The health care comes in different plans thereby making it possible for all kinds of people to afford and be assured of the best services.When faced with the need to select the best private health care, there are things you will need to look at just so you are in a position to make a decision that will be most beneficial to you. It can be dangerous to just jump into the very first private health care you come across and it is advisable that you take your time before settling for the one you feel is most suitable. You can even take the time to get professional advice from independent executives to help in making the selection process easy.The body care plans available: there are so many options out there waiting for you. What you will need to do so that you make a good decision is considering what they are all about thereby managing you to make the right decision. The plan choosing can be based on the services that will be made available to you. You can also consider whether the plan covers individuals only or whether your family also qualifies for the body care cover.The health requirements: different people have different kinds of health requirements. If you are already suffering from certain medical conditions, you should seek private health care that will take care of your requirements in the best way possible. You can even choose to go for companies dealing with your kinds of problems. It is however also important to consider situations which could arise to ensure that in future when you need the private care, you will get it.The health care budget: since private health care plans are many, you should take time to consider the one that you can afford and still get what you deserve at all times. It is important that you set a budget for all things you need since it will guide you into the right plan that will not leave your finances pressed. There are so many options available as far as the private health care is concerned and it is highly unlikely that you will miss to find the most suitable.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


What To Consider When Choose A New Backsplash

Definitely, there is something admirable about a freshly renovated kitchen with new cabinets, counter top, sink and more. Although backsplash might seem like just a minor project, it can actually have an enormous impact on the final look of the whole space in the kitchen. Interior decorators advice to mindfully plan all the steps of renovation, in order to make it fast and thoughtful. In this article we present you necessary things that you should take into consideration.


There are a few things to keep in mind, while choosing a perfect kitchen backsplash. Copper tiles are the perfect way to introduce elegance into your room, but also to maintain cleanness. We would like to highlight especially 3 aspects during remodelling the kitchen – budget, materials and coherence in style.

Create a budget
Already at the first stage of renovation, basing on the size of available budget, we should decide what materials and workmanship (handmade or finished product) we will choose for the new backsplash. Natural metals such as copper, stainless steel and brass are a prefect choice. People admire their stunning aesthetics and also functionality. Remember, that although handcrafted copper tiles for backsplash might be a bit more expensive than regular ones, they will definitely last longer. If you are looking for some more affordable option, you should definitely try ceramic tiles or porcelain stone.

Choose materials
A material of a tile strongly contributes to the overall look of the kitchen. You should opt for natural metals such as copper, brass or stainless steel due to their perfect properties. Copper backsplash is a very popular choice due to its properties – it is very hard, ductile and resistant to impact of water. There is also ceramic and stone for demanding customers, who are looking for original touch. Take into consideration possible shapes of tiles, accessible designs, but also given budget.

Consistency of interior design
Backsplash should first and foremost be coherent with existing furniture. If you don’t want to make a total renovation, but you want rather to refresh the interior, pick colours that match with your present kitchen. Stainless steel tiles for backsplash give you uncountable possibilities due to its universal beauty. Think about the style that you want to achieve and then select the best materials.


Currently, there is a big trend for light colours – they make the interior appear bigger. White or beige cabinets and copper backsplash composes well with elements made out of stone or wood. Neutral hues will introduce calmness and elegance into your kitchen. Some people decide for brass tiles for kitchen backsplash, because of its stunning similar to golden colour. It easily becomes a statement piece, so that the rest of furniture and elements might remain simple.

Scandinavian style is ideal for people who enjoy minimalistic decor, while still managing to keep space cosy and stylish. It emphasizes clean lines, simple furniture and plays with natural light. The key is to mix textures – copper backsplash with special pattern fits perfectly with smooth cabinets and organic decorations. On the other hand, rustic style has its own charm – it is comfortable with country touch. You should combine natural materials such as brass, stainless steel or copper with untreated wood.


Nowadays, we have numerous options for those, who want to create a unique interior decoration. Contemporary kitchen backsplash opens the space, giving a touch of luxury. The key is to follow your own, individual sense of style. You can freely choose between metal backsplash – stainless steel has an incredible glossy surface, brass distinguishes itself with warm, light golden colour. Copper backsplash has its own fans as well due to its reddish hue. Moreover, all of those materials are corrosion resistant and very easy to maintain in cleanness. On the other hand ceramic is also an interesting, slightly more affordable option.

To sum up, before you choose a new kitchen backsplash and begin remodelling, it is essential to determine your budget and decide on the type of tiles you want to pick. It is good to consider the coherency of whole interior design.

How To Design A Unique Kitchen Backsplash

In every home the kitchen is a heart of the whole house. Therefore, kitchen should have truly exceptional interior design that combines functionality with beauty. Durable stainless steel and copper backsplash definitely will bring sophistication into the room, making the space look more original so that it stands out. In this article we will present useful tips for creating a wonderful arrangement with kitchen backsplash.

Backsplash – where functionality meets with aesthetics

Originally, a backsplash is a kind of big tale that is used to cover the area of wall between a kitchen counter top and the upper cabinets. People appreciate it as it is a very practical solution that protects walls from getting splotched. On the other hand copper backsplash might also bring some luxurious look into the room. Due to the fact that metals such as copper, stainless steel and brass are very ductile and malleable, craftsmen are able to create truly stunning pieces such as stainless-steel backsplash tiles. It is probably the easiest way to create a unique interior design in a kitchen. Each tile has its own size, shape, design and motive. Such a wide choice enables you to reveal your personal style. Moreover, metal tiles are very easy to maintain. The surface of a stainless-steel backsplash should be treated with just a soft cloth and mild detergent to erase most common marks and stains.

Unique beauty of natural metals for your kitchen

Interior design should be able to combine functionality and quality design that follows individual preferences. Precision and experiences of craftsman will assure high endurance of each tile. One of the tips is to compose copper backsplash tiles with minimalistic, rustic or Scandinavian interior design in order to underline the exceptional style of a certain space. Both copper tiles and stainless-steel tiles have a distinguished aesthetic that is admired by many. Due to their everlasting beauty, they will be a perfect touch also into more classical interiors. The brass backsplash is a very interesting, elegant decoration. People often appreciate their true strength and durability. Uncountable desirable properties of brass and stainless steel contribute to is universal application as a decor to the stylish kitchen, but also to the modern living room and more.

Find the perfect style for your kitchen

We have to admit that nowadays more and more people look for natural materials, such as brass backsplash tiles, as a decorative touch to their interior. This trend is especially noticeable when it comes to metals that are not only highly functional, but also truly unique. Deep saturated colour of orange-reddish copper, metallic gloss of stainless-steel and various shades of brass – these are the most demanded materials when it comes to finishing design of each room. People introduce beautiful brass tiles and copper tiles into their houses as a practical, yet sophisticated element in the kitchen. With top products of compassionate craftsmanship, you can fully express your own personal style and decorate the interior up to your inner taste. Definitely, a kitchen backsplash will easily elevate the look of the whole room. Regardless whether it is decorated in modern or more classical style, hand-made tiles will effortlessly bring a dash of luxury and elegance into it. We highly recommend finding the perfect tiles that will fit your demands and preferences.

Where to buy beautiful rugs, floor mats and more.

Where to buy beautiful rugs, floor mats and more. Including unique t-shirts, dresses, bags and artworks. All in one website with free shipping worldwide! is the exclusive online art gallery and home décor online store where items were designed by artist QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez. You can get all your home decorating needs in one place without worrying the shipping fee. You can collect all her original art pieces and open editions from your comfort zone in just few clicks. All original artworks will be shipped straight from the country of exhibition with free shipping worldwide. Home décor on QueenNoble is not your usual home decoration items. Every items were designed by QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez exclusively made from handmade paintings turned to manipulated photos to make stunning designs for every home décor items such as the rugs, lamps, wall decors and more. Of course the original artworks of QueenNoble are all available to every collectors who collect only original artworks. The prints are premium quality, framed and ready to hang for everyone’s convenience. Rugs, lamps, pillows and others are designed by QueenNoble, and then manufactured by partnered companies in Europe and in The United States.

The artist And Designer QueenNoble

Dr. Elle Ramirez also known as QueenNoble is an American international fine arts artist, designer, sculptor, photographer and an author. Dr. Ramirez creates rare textured and embossed abstract artworks from wall sculptures to embossed paintings. Her career began from year 2006 up to this present day. (See Wikipedia.)

QueenNoble is known for her textured and embossed abstract artworks mimicking planets, natural stones and rocks, abstract engraved portraits, several monochromatic and vivid concepts.

“Live Minimal” is one of QueenNoble’s art books released year 2021. (See Google Scholar Books)

QueenNoble is also an author of several mental health books like “Quarantine: The Challenges During Quarantine and How to Keep Our Sanity”. QueenNoble is also the author of the Novel called, “The Cart Season 1”. (See more on Amazon)

One Of A Kind Products You Can Buy On QueenNoble

One of a kind luxury collectibles with certificate. Unique items designed and curated by QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez are now available on the official website. One collectible is to one collector or owner. Collectibles can be a wallet, bag, a piece of art, a furniture, a dress or a shirt and more. A first come first served basis. Handmade with love and attention. Own something that no one has in the entire world. Only on QueenNoble. What will you get on the top of that? You will receive a certificate of authenticity upon receiving your item. Free shipping worldwide. Free repair and replacement in case of a major manufacture error. Most items are handmade and are genuine leather so slight imperfections are visible which are the signs of most genuine leathers in the market. Varieties of items and vast selections although items are very quick to be sold.

Who does not want a one of a kind item? It is really disliked to run to someone with the same exact dress in an occasion or a business meeting! Now on QueenNoble not only original hand-painted artworks are available now you get to wear an art yourself anywhere and anytime. Display a furniture or a décor and be asked by a friend or a colleague, “Where can I buy one?” and of course the answer is “You can’t buy that in the market.” Because It is only one!

What happens after you buy a one of a kind on QueenNoble? The price increases yearly for 10 years. What an investment for yourself or a luxurious lifetime gift for a special someone!

From the author’s words:

If you are a collector and a shopper, QueenNoble is definitely where to go specially if you are looking for unique designer’s décor such as rugs, comforters, bags, wall art etc. A lot of selections to choose from. The designs are contemporary and modern. In one look you know where the products are from since you can only find them on The processes are also very convenient and shipping is fast worldwide.

I bought a one of a kind bag. When I received it it came with an envelope consisting the certificate. The leather bag is stunning. Fast shipping and free delivery. They also offer free repair in case there is a manufacturer error for free.

Note also that if you are a merchant you can sign up on their trading program. There is a 15-30% commission. Less work for you all you do is share the url of the product and your designated coupon code which you’ll receive when you sign up and you get paid everytime someone uses your coupon code. Sound interesting right? Copy code, share url and code on your social media and earn as you go.

QueenNoble is also on Saatchiart, Artmajeur, Singulart Galleries. On QueenNoble’s original artworks, all artworks with certificate of authenticity will be shipped straight to the collector from the current exhibited country and also free shipping worldwide.

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